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Your guide to consciously creating a divine (and prosperous!) 2018

Your guide to consciously creating a divine (and prosperous!) 2018

Wow – you are doing SO well!

As a reminder, over the last three posts we’ve:

Mastered the art of appreciating an amazing year.

Uncovered how a prosperity coach cultivates a ‘perfect’ year.

And aligned your goals with your values, money, time and energy.


Which means now it’s …


Magic-making time!


In today’s post we are going to create exciting (and specific) goals for next year and commit to making 2018 your best year yet!

It’s great to know what your top priorities are for 2018, but to make real progress you need a plan.

Let’s start by referring back to your top priorities.


Now, what specifically do you want to accomplish in 2018?


One of my client’s key priorities is to grow her beautiful business. And the goal she has set to help her with this priority is to attract more incredible clients.

Then, together we detailed out four specific steps that she can take to start achieving her goal.

Voila – an aligned, heart-fuelled and strategic plan to ensure 2018 is her best year yet.


To get your goal-setting juices flowing, here are some of the goals I’ve set for 2018:


My priority is … my health and wellbeing.

My goal is … to move my body for 30 minutes each morning (by walking the dog, training with yoga, intervals, weights etc.)


My priority is … personal growth.

My goal is … to read one personal development book per month in 2018.


My priority is … financial prosperity.

My goal is … to increase our savings by 15% compared to this year.


And lastly, I want to encourage you to truly commit yourself to your goals! These goals represent what is most important to you in life; go after them with a 100% focus and commitment to see them through.


I know you can do it!


Stay Inspired,


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