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Total alignment of the heart: Prosperity secret #01

Total alignment of the heart: Prosperity secret #01

With your new priorities all set for 2018, you are ready to dive into a bit more detail (don’t worry not too much detail) and look at your spending and saving habits.

I know this sounds like I’m talking to you about the ‘b’ word (budget) and … okay, I am.

But budgeting gets such a bad rap and, besides, what we are about to do is way more heart-fuelled.

This will be fun, I promise.


You see, all we are going to do is check if where your money is currently going aligns with what your priorities are for the upcoming year.


Phew, that’s not too bad, right?


How to align your goals with your values

Note: For those of you who have a significant other with whom you share finances, this is where I normally get my hubby involved.

We chat about what each of our top priorities are for next year (I like to keep this topic for when we are both relaxed and with energy to focus … and possibly with wine in hand).

We review our spending and saving habits to see if we need to make any adjustments for the New Year. We do this at a high-level together and then I dig in and make the detailed changes since I’m the finance nerd in my family.


I know this sounds a little technical so let me walk you through it.

For example, personal growth and development is a key priority for both my husband and myself in 2018.

Therefore we’ve decided to re-allocate some of our travel funds to personal growth funds. That doesn’t mean we aren’t going to travel (which is still very important to both of us and hits a number of our Key Values) but we are going to get creative with how we can do trips for less money in 2018 – one challenge I am excited to tackle!


Now it’s your turn. What about you?

Are there any shifts in your spending and savings habits that will help you better align with your key priorities?

Or perhaps you notice during your review that you have been spending money in areas that really aren’t that important to you at all.

In which case, you now have more funds to spend in the areas that truly do matter to you – which is always an awesome feeling! Way to go!


How to align your goals with your energy and time

Or maybe some of your priorities will not require money to support them, but will likely need time and focused energy.


How are you making time for your priorities in 2018?


How can you strive towards having focused energy to invest in those priorities?


For me, I’ve found that getting eight hours of sleep each night allows me to be focused during the day, especially when I’m investing time into my priorities.

Now, what about you?

Stay Inspired,


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