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How a prosperity coach cultivates a ‘perfect’ year

How a prosperity coach cultivates a ‘perfect’ year

If you read my last post on ‘the art of appreciating an amazing year’, you’ve likely taken time to pause and give thanks for the many blessings and successes of 2017.

Well done! This is such a precious gift to yourself.

But maybe you’re also wondering …”What next?”

How can you make sure that 2018 is full of just as many – if not – more successes?


And how can you make 2018 your best year yet?


In times like this, I like to guide my clients (and myself!) back to their priorities and values.

I know it’s tempting to dive straight into some goal-setting, but I believe your goals are only as good as the true value behind them.

Not sure what I mean?


Take my client Sarah for instance.

By talking to Sarah, I could tell she was under pressure by friends, family and loved ones to ‘settle down’ and create a savings plan that allowed her to put a deposit down on a home.

Sarah first came to me for help in achieving this goal. I hesitated though, because it didn’t sound like her heart was in it.

“I can definitely help with your financial goals,” I told her. “But I need to know … is this what you really want?”

Sarah frowned. Her head tilted to the side and she gave me a look like “Duh, Lisa. I just told you that’s what I want to do!”

So I went along with Sarah’s plan, all the while gently guiding her through the Key Values exercise I do with all of my clients.

This exercise illuminates what’s truly important to you so that you can cultivate goals that are aligned with your values and priorities.


It’s all about living life on your terms so you can be the happiest and most fulfilled version of you possible.


It’s powerful stuff … As Sarah realised!

Because not long after we began diving into her Key Values she paused, mid-sentence, and groaned.

“Oh god, Lisa.” She said. “You’re right! I don’t really want to save up for a house. I actually want to go on a trek to Tibet!”

We grinned at each other and laughed. It was that relieved ‘phew, this is going to be fun!’ kind of laughter that gives you goosebumps.

Because now that Sarah was aligned with her goals and her true values, she was on track to cultivate her best – and her version of most ‘perfect’ – year yet.


But I don’t want you to get halfway through planning to buy a house (or whatever your goal may be) before realising that it’s not the right goal for you.


Which is why even though you might have been fabulous at setting goals in 2017, it’s so important to re-evaluate your priorities and make sure they’re still aligned with your true values for 2018.


Here are some journaling prompts to help you get started:

  1. What is most important for you to achieve next year?
  2. Which priorities will help make next year your best year yet?


As you saw with Sarah, it’s not unusual to see small or significant shifts in your priorities year over year.

Your Key Values hold true over time, but what you want to focus on in a given year can depend on a number of different factors, including where you are on your journey and what life events (if any) you have experienced over the past year.

So, before you set your goals for 2018, why not check in and align your priorities with your Key Values so that you can feel confident cultivating your version of a perfect 2018.


Feeling stuck? Unsure what your Key Values are, let alone how to align them with your goals?


It’s okay. Don’t panic. I can help!

I currently offer two one-on-one prosperity coaching packages that are tailored for your unique journey. Click here to check them out.

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