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The Magic of Appreciating How Far You’ve Come

The Magic of Appreciating How Far You’ve Come

It was a cold Tuesday night and there was a fire happily flickering and crackling in the living room fireplace. I was curled up on the sofa in my pjs. My husband was next to me, watching TV, while I scrolled through Instagram.

My thumb strolled past a few #getinmybelly food posts followed by a couple of wanderlust-inducing travel pics and then … I stopped, thumb frozen, heart fluttering, as I read the quote that would completely transform my perspective:


“I know you have big dreams for yourself, but don’t forget to appreciate how far you’ve come already. Remember the days you prayed for the things you have now.”

-Ruben Chavez, @ThinkGrowProsper


Wow, I thought to myself. He’s right. When had I last taken the time to think back to my past dreams and how, amazingly, they were now very much a reality in my life? I fidgeted for a moment, and then admitted that it had been, well … never.

I’d never taken the time to consider how the things I’d once dreamt of were now things I’d accomplished and/or things I was currently experiencing.

I raced into the office, my slippered feet slipping and sliding on the wooden floors. I grabbed a notebook and pen from my desk and then hurtled back into the living room where I sat next to my amused husband.

My curiosity had been piqued. What aspects of my current life were made up of dreams I’d once had?

Methodically, I wrote down the goals I’d had for myself five, ten, fifteen years ago. The more I wrote down, the wider my grin became. My handwriting became messier and messier as I flung down big dreams – like completing my university degree and buying my first home – and little dreams – like exploring natural wonders close to home and staying in touch with all of my interstate loved ones – alike. I gave equal weight to ALL of my dreams, not just the big, flashy ones.

When I was done, I handed the notebook to my husband, pointed at the page and said:

“Look at this. It turns out I am currently living out the majority of the dreams I mapped out for myself five, ten, fifteen years ago!”

This revelation was a game-changer.

As someone who is constantly looking to the future (sometimes perhaps too much), making plans and setting goals, this was such an eye-opening exercise for me. I was so focused on achieving my goals in the future, that I hadn’t paused to celebrate and appreciate what I’d already accomplished. Suddenly the urge to achieve and succeed felt dimmer, less urgent, than it had before.

Maybe you feel the same way?

I wanted to share this experience with you because I believe that each and every one one of us has already accomplished dreams that we set out to achieve when we were younger.

But it’s so easy to get caught up in our new dreams and to focus on the future.

Now, goal-setting is definitely important. But – as I found out firsthand – there is tremendous value in looking back and taking note of all the incredible things one has already accomplished.

So after you’ve finished reading this article, I encourage you to take a moment to appreciate how far you’ve come and how amazing you already are. Feel proud of yourself – you’re a dream-achiever!


P.S. I’d love to hear about the goals you’ve already accomplished. Drop me a comment to share your story. I’ll read and respond to every one!


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