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You’re beautifully unique … why shouldn’t your life and prosperity plan be the same?

You wouldn’t expect your doctor to prescribe the exact same wellness plan to every patient she sees … and yet many financial planners expect us to follow the exact same cookie-cutter advice they offer everyone. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

I believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to our life and our prosperity. And just because an ‘expert’ says you should do something, that doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Everyone’s situation, values and passions are unique. Why shouldn’t the plan to achieve your dreams and nurture an inspired life be unique too?

Which is why whether you are just starting out on your financial journey or moving to the next level of wealth creation, I am here to help you achieve your dreams. Uniquely. I empower individuals by providing a safe, positive and fun environment for them to learn and grow while they align with their true passions and authentic values.

My process and the tools I use are simple, clear and tailored for you and your personal position so that you always feel guided and supported to create a strong financial foundation that helps you build the life of your dreams.

I’m the perfect fit for you if …

  • You’re on a quest to better yourself and intentionally adventure towards abundant, aligned bliss.
  • You’re committed, open-minded and ready to invest in yourself and your future.
  • You want to understand what’s truly important to you and take mindful action to invest your money in a way that feels meaningful and powerful.
  • You want to understand where your money goes and how you can make positive changes to your spending habits to take control of your financial situation and achieve your dreams.
  • You want to make smart decisions about your money that will work for you.
  • You are seeking an accountability guide, brainstorming partner and wise muse to support you on your unique journey.

I’m not the right fit for you if …

  • You are looking for full-service financial planning advice, including tax planning.
  • You need advice on how to choose specific investments for your portfolio.
  • You require counselling or guidance for serious financial or credit crises.

Coaching Services

*** I am currently revamping my packages and new services will be coming soon! ***


The first step is to book in for a complimentary Discovery Call. We will discuss what you are looking for and explore if one of my coaching packages is the right fit for you.


ip_testimonial-quote “Lisa is an amazing and powerful coach!  Lisa was able to help and support my goals for financial freedom by asking powerful questions, guiding me in the right direction and helping me set up a plan. I am truly lucky for all of our sessions together with her friendliness, wisdom and effective techniques. I highly recommend Lisa as you will not be disappointed!”

Pamela Scott, Personal Life Coach

ip_testimonial-quote “The biggest change I’ve experienced since working with you is clarifying what my true life values are and feeling free to spend my money accordingly, no guilt, no comparison, no more pressure on myself to design my life around what others expect of me. I’ve experienced true freedom and joy from applying what I’ve learned from your coaching!

The best part of working with you was how organized you were with each session. You kept us focused and efficient, utilizing our time together extremely effectively, while not feeling rushed at all. I also really appreciated the recap emails you sent so I knew how to apply what we discussed moving forward!

If a friend was thinking of working with you, I would tell them it will be the best investment they will make for themselves all year!! Not only for their finances but their peace of mind in making life decisions based on their values!”

Colleen Rempel, Holistic Nutritionist

ip_testimonial-quote “Hiring Lisa as a prosperity coach was without a doubt a pivotal point for me. Lisa’s approach to coaching is not just about finance, but takes all my goals in life into account so I could make some wise decisions as I start my second career.  She listens exceptionally well, encourages, and emphasizes having fun along the way. She is professional, thoughtful, grounded and real.

I would recommend Lisa to anyone who wants clarity, balance and truth in their life, new career, business, or retirement.  The questions she asked helped me gain peace about my future and my decisions.

She guided me in understanding the difference between financial goals I thought I wanted and goals that were connected to my values and dreams and passions.”

Lori Rempel, Self-Love Coach


The first step is to book in for a complimentary Discovery Call. We will discuss what you are looking for and explore if one of my coaching packages is the right fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How/where are sessions held?

All my sessions are held via Zoom video or audio, depending on your preference, and are available to people all over the world. I am based in Canada, and as long as you have a quality internet connection it does not matter where you live. Together we can find a session time that suits both of our time zones.


I want to know more! What are the next steps?

The first step is to book in for a free Financial Discovery Call where I can learn more about what you are looking for and you can discover about my style and my coaching packages.

Book in now to begin your inspired prosperity journey.

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