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The best investment I’ve ever made (… and it had nothing to do with money)

The best investment I’ve ever made (… and it had nothing to do with money)

There are a lot of investments I’ve made that I’m proud of.


My beautiful home with its gorgeous fireplace and stunning view of the Rocky Mountains.


My education, including my undergraduate honours degree and accounting designation.


And even my stock portfolio.


These are all wonderful investments that mindful and aligned financial planning has allowed me to accomplish.

But by far the best investment I ever made had nothing at all do with finances, money or cash investments at all.

It’s also an investment I continue to make each and every day and one that I know has the power to truly influence your happiness.


Ready to know what it is?


Introducing …


The joy investment


What if you stopped waiting for the right time, the perfect time, to feel happy (like when you get that promotion/house/holiday you’ve been longing for) and instead just did it?


Not the promotion/house/holiday part; the happiness part.


What if you let yourself feel happiness today?


There is enormous power in taking a few moments each day to do something that brings you pure JOY!


My joy investment is taking a few moments each day to connect with those I love. Whether it’s enjoying a cup of tea with hubby before we head off to work, playing in the yard with my dog, or sending a cute text to my Mom, nothing brings me more joy than connecting with those most important to me.


So, what is your joy investment?

What lights you up? Makes you smile? And brings you nothing but pure joy?

It might be:

  • Hugging your furkid(s)
  • Hugging your human kid(s)
  • Savouring a cup of your favourite tea or coffee with doing nothing else J
  • Dancing around your living room to your favourite song
  • Reading an inspirational story
  • Telling someone you love how special they are to you
  • Painting/drawing/expressing your artistic side
  • Puttering in your garden
  • Talking a walk in nature


Tune into your heart and think about moments that you feel at peace and blissful. These are the moments you want more of in your life.

And if time feels like it’s in short supply (believe me, I totally understand) then pick something that will literally take you moments rather than minutes to enjoy.

Because I believe life is too short (and you are too amazing!) not to feel joy for a few moments every day.

Stay Inspired,


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